How to Shop

Shopping with First Art Gallery is easy and fun.


Browse the website either by using the drop down menus at the top of the page (paintings, photography or drawings & etchings) to select a category or theme of your choice, or use the keyword search box in the top right of the website.

After each search or selection you will be presented with a grid of artworks which meet your criteria. You can then select the artwork of your choice by either clicking on the thumbnail image or clicking on the painting name.

If you click on the artist name, you will be taken to the artist profile page and not the details of the specific painting.

Assess Artwork Details

The artwork details page provides you with as much information about the artwork as possible to allow you to make an informed decision on whether you would like to purchase the artwork.

Under the image of the artwork, you will also notice that there are smaller thumbnails. If you click on these, you will be presented with an overlay lightbox which displays the artwork in different room settings to give you an idea on how the artwork would look on your wall. These are provided as a guide only to give you, the buyer, some idea as to the size and proportion of the painting against familiar objects.

If you would like to see more closely how the artwork would look in your home, please send us a photograph of the wall you would like to hang the artwork on.

Other works by the artist can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Add To Cart

If you like a piece of artwork and would like to make it your next treasured piece, then simply click on the ADD TO CART button. The item will be added to the cart in the top right of the page. The cart will show a summary of the items in the cart and the price. You may also click on the cart to view a more detailed summary of the contents in your cart.

Edit Cart Contents

There are two ways to edit the contents of your cart. For both you need to click on the cart link in the top right of the page and then you can either remove items directly from the drop down box by clicking on the "x" to the right of the item or you can click on the view cart button to view and edit the contents of your cart.


When you are ready to checkout, click on the cart in the top right of the page and click on the checkout or view cart button in the drop down which shows. If you clicked on the view cart button then click on the checkout button that shows on the page to continue to check out.

The checkout page contains 6 steps. These include the following:

Step 1: Checkout Options
You can choose to check out a registered customer or to check-out without registering by going through a "guest checkout".
As a registered customer you will be able to shop faster, be up to date on an order's status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made.

Step 2: Account & Billing Details

Step 3: Delivery Details

Step 4: Delivery Method
Delivery is included, we just ask you to add in any special notes about delivery such as "please be aware of dogs in front yard".

Step 5: Payment Method
You can select to either do a direct bank transfer, in which case your artwork is reserved for 2 working days to allow you enough time to do the transfer and notify us.
Please note that your order will not ship until we receive payment. 

Alternatively you can select PayPalPaypal to complete either a registered PayPalpaypal payment or submit payment via credit card through paypalPayPal.

Please note that PayPalpaypal allows non registered shoppers to check out without requiring an account. For credit or debit card payments through PayPalpaypal, be sure to click on the “Don't have a PayPal Account link?” It is important to note that First Art Gallery does not hold any credit card details in our own databases and never get to see your details,; they are directly and securely handled by PayPal.

Step 6: Confirm Order
Please check your order. Once you are ready, click Confirm Order to complete the transaction.

Receive Delivery

Once we have received your order, we may contact you to verify your purchase and the details you have provided to ensure that the artwork reaches the desired destination. You are contacted again after the delivery company has confirmed delivery. This is to confirm that you have received the artwork and it is in good order.