Commissioned Work

We offer buyers the opportunity to submit individual or corporate commission requests for original artwork, after which the gallery works with the buyer to select the artist and then ensures that the payment processes between the buyer and artist runs smoothly.

All artists who would like to be included in our database for consideration for commissioned work will need to indicate this in their profile form if they are invited to the join the gallery.

Unfortunately, we do not manage commissions or pass commissions onto any artists who are not an approved artist of the gallery. You will first need to complete the application to join the gallery and then, if you are invited to join the gallery, you can indicate whether you would like to be considered for commissions as well.

If you are not currently an approved gallery artist and would like to join, then please complete our online application form.

If you are already part of the gallery and would like to change your status in relation to your availability for commissions, then simply send us an email letting us now.