Art Collectors and Buyers

What is First Art Gallery?

First Art Gallery is an online art gallery which provides a quality platform connecting art collectors and artists in the buying and selling of original artwork. For art buyers the gallery offers an opportunity to search, browse and buy from a wide selection of artwork in a gallery where the wall space is unlimited!

What is different about First Art Gallery?

Unlike many other online art galleries, all our artists are either invited or approved through an application process by the gallery. On average only about 50% of the artists who send an application to the gallery are invited to showcase their work with First Art Gallery. We aim to help art buyers feel comfortable in knowing that they are buying quality artwork and have enough information to fully appreciate the artwork and the artist behind each piece.

Why buy original artwork?

Buying an original piece of artwork in a world full of copies is richly rewarding. Like a fine wine, an original work becomes richer over time as you connect with it more. Original art also has the potential to increase in value. It is almost guaranteed that an unsigned copy will never increase in value.

When you buy original art you are supporting the art community and encouraging a collective creative society that is more about creating than copying. Artists do what they love. When you buy original artwork, you are buying a piece of the artist's soul. Why wouldn’t you buy original artwork?

Why should I buy through First Art Gallery?

Buying your next special piece of artwork through First Art Gallery is a convenient and safe experience. We provide you unlimited wall space to browse and view artwork and then give you as much information as possible to ensure you select the right piece for your home. We then make sure that your purchase is protected right up until you receive your new treasured piece at your door. The transaction is only finalised when you confirm you have received the artwork in good order. We take great care to give all our customers the best possible service. For more information on why you can buy art with confidence us please read the Buy Art with Confidence article.

Can I see the art on my own wall?

Yes, you can. Simply send us a high quality photograph of your blank wall where the roof and floor is visible in the photograph and tell us the height of the wall. We will send your photograph back to you with the artwork proportionately sized onto your wall. Upload your photo via our contact form.